1:41am Possible blown transformer on Chicago Avenue.  Officer reports all lights are out.  The lights flickered here several times, and I don’t live anywhere near Chicago Avenue.
1:42am Officer heard possible explosion.  Another officer says he thought it was a transformer.
1:44am BOLO for possible intoxicated driver from a bar.
1:45am Possible wreck at Cowan Mill & Bright Star.  Car reportedly in ditch.
1:48am Witness saw fireworks near DCHS at time of explosion.  Officer headed to high school.
1:49am Dispute reported.
1:50am Wreck on Cowan Mill and Laurel Way.
1:52am Power pole across the road, not sure where.  Probably why the lights flickered.  Officer tells dispatch to notify the power company to get them there “as quick as they can.”
1:54am Traffic in both directions closed at location of wreck.
1:57am Someone’s been arrested.
1:58am Business alarm at a business on Hwy 78.
1:58am Three by name and DOB.
2:00am At least one other person wondering what the sound was.
2:08am Possible 4 wheelers or dirtbikes in powerline area near Reynolds Road.
2:09am Missing person alert out of AL.
2:10am What is code 600?
2:10am 45 minutes for power company to arrive.
2:11am BOLO for a person who has a gun.  Possibly has a person held at gunpoint.  From Lowndes Co. (sorry if I didn’t spell that right!)
2:12am Business alarm.
2:12am BOLO for another person, this one from out of state.
2:14pm BOLO for a vehicle coming from the mall.
2:15pm BOLO for person–concern for welfare.
2:19am Officer says powerlines are “dangling over the street.”
2:19am GA Power has arrived.
2:20am BOLO for intoxcated driver on Hwy 78.
2:25am Actual location of Cowan Mill wreck is Cowan Mill and Courtney Drive.  Road closed in both directions.
2:27pm Sounds like the dispatcher said an armed robbery suspect (I think she said from Douglas County) had been found.
2:29am Armed robbery–someone stole someone else’s wallet–suspect had a weapon.  Possibly two suspects.  I heard a police car speeding up in the background.  Didn’t hear a siren.
2:32am Officer can’t hear description of suspect.  Repeated a couple of times.
2:34am Business alarm.

Looked at the Greystone Power outage map  found at http://www.outageentry.com/dvMapViewer/dvOutageMap.php?Client=greys and there are 58 homes in the Mason Creek/Bill Arp area ( a narrow part stretches to Hwy 166 as well) without power and one in the Nebo area.  I think I am in the outage area, or maybe on the border of it, so that was probably why the lights flickered.

2:14am–just checked the power outage map again and it’s gone up to 90 homes now.

2:16am Now number is 901!  100 people have called Greystone.
2:21pm 107 people have called Greystone.  Outage number hasn’t changed.  I do wish, though, that you could zoom in on the map and see what streets are affected.  A portion of Hwy 5 before the city limits is included in the outage.
2:24pm The one Nebo area residence whose power was out is now back on.  Mason Creek numbers haven’t changed.
2:28am 111 calls now to Greystone.