1:44pm One inmate enroute to hospital.
1:46pm BOLO for a person who apparently stole money from a local bank.
1:47pm Possible theft already occurred.
1:49pm BOLO reckless driver on Fairburn Road.
1:51pm Wreck involving a garbage truck and a pickup truck on Burnt Hickory.
1:55pm 10-28
1:56pm Officer trying to stop a vehicle that apparently doesn’t want to stop, is calling for another unit to assist.
1:57pm Looks like car and officer have stopped.
1:59pm Intoxicated person reported.
2:02pm Person sitting on a curb in front of a subdivision on Chapel Hill Road.
2:09pm Domestic problem reported.
2:13pm Possible wreck on Hospital Drive.
2:15pm Two calls on hold because there are no available officers.
2:16pm BOLO for concern for Welfare in Corn Crib–someone driving a go-kart.
2:20pm Two people arrested.
2:21pm City police requesting assistance referencing an eviction.
2:22pm Greystone Power requesting an officer to direct traffic.
2:25pm Residence alarm.
2:36pm 10-28
2:37pm Witness says a suspect car has returned.
2:38pm 10-28 (out of state)
2:38pm Dispatcher reports that calls are backed up.
2:39pm Car damaged inside a car wash.
2:44pm Someone’s been arrested.
2:50pm Accident at K-Mart on Hwy 5, blocking southbound lanes.
2:59pm Car dealership accidently called 911.
2:59pm Shoes and keys found in a subdivision.