11:13am 10-28.
11:13am Accident at Auto Zone on Hospital Drive.  Two vehicles involved.
11:15am 10-28.
11:17am 10-28.
11:19am 10-28.
11:21am 10-28
11:27am Officer at Johnny Rockets following up on a case.
11:28am Lots of static.
11:31am Officer asks dispatch to call GA Power because there is a large tree branch “resting on the power lines” on Riverside Drive.
11:41am 10-28
11:43am Officer out with four suspicious subjects in a grocery store parking lot.  10-28.
11:47am 10-28.
11:48am 10-28.
11:50am One by name and DOB.
11:50am Lots of static.
11:51am Mechanical breakdown, I-20 WB past Bright Star.  10-28.
11:53am 10-28.
11:54pm Tractor-trailer blocking roadway at Factory Shoals & Douglas Hill Rd.
11:54am 10-28.
11:54am Lots of static.
11:55am 10-28.
12:03pm 10-28.
12:06pm Possible drug activity.