6:03pm Alarm at a car dealership.
6:04pm BOLO of a suspect wanted for a crime from TX.
6:08pm Welfare check at a gas station.
6:08pm Two shoplifters in custody at Belk.
6:09pm Business alarm.
6:09pm Someone’s been arrested.
6:17pm 10-28.
6:18pm Reckless BMX bikers.
6:18pm 10-28 on I-20 (out of state).
6:21pm 10-27.
6:27pm 10-27.
6:28pm 10-27 (2).
6:31pm 10-28.
6:32pm 10-28 on I-20 (out of state).
6:33pm Alarm, don’t know if it’s residential or business.
6:34pm Stolen mailbox reported.
6:36pm 10-28 on I-20.
6:39pm 10-28 (out of state).
6:41pm Someone locked their keys in their vehicle at a carwash.
6:43pm Mechanical breakdown.
6:43pm 10-28.
6:44pm 10-28.
6:45pm Someone locked their keys in their vehicle.
6:46pm 10-28.
6:47pm 10-80 (chase) on I-20 near Thornton Road.  Vehicle not stopping.
6:48pm 10-28.
6:49pm Domestic problem reported.
6:53pm 10-28.
6:56pm Residential alarm.