Someone on the Douglasville message board reported they closed their doors for good tonight.  Or rather, according to the poster, they told employees not to show up and then turns out the restaurant was closed.  According to this poster, WSB will be doing a story about it on the 11pm news. 

Matt, the guy who posted the pictures of the protesters on Picasa, has added some new ones apparently taken today–including this one of a man holding up an enlarged copy of a bounced check.

What WSB said on tonight’s news:

Two dozen employees involved.  Protesters still there.  One person is owed $3,500.  This has been going on for two months.  WSB says protesters will picket until they are paid.  Two have taken out criminal warrants against owners for bad checks.  WSB said they even went to one of the owners’ home, and no one was at home.  And yes, the restaurant is closed.