7:58pm 10-28.
7:59pm 10-27.
8:00pm 2 vehicle accident in front of John Thornton Chevrolet.
8:01pm Another 2 vehicle accident at a Mexican restaurant on Hwy 5.
8:01pm 10-28.
8:04pm Officer stopped a car with no 10-28.
8:05pm Residential alarm.
8:06pm 10-27 (2).
8:07pm Officer now responding to 8:01pm accident.
8:14pm 10-27 & 10-28.
8:16pm 10-27 & 10-28.
8:17pm 10-28 (out of state).
8:19pm 10-28.
8:20pm 10-28. (out of state)
8:21pm Fight reported with 6-7 people.
8:21pm 10-28.
8:23pm 10-28.
8:24pm Teenager bleeding, result of 8:21pm fight.  Gang related.
8:25pm 10-27
8:26pm Accident involving car and pedestrian who is not injured.
8:27pm Business alarm.
8:27pm Person driving w/ suspended license.
8:28pm Residential alarm.
8:30pm 911 hangup.