7:17pm Suspect on run for shoplifting from the mall.  Looks like there was a police chase, too (that was on Hwy 5 at the Dog River bridge), but they’ve gone 10-39 with that.  They’re saying he ran across the interstate from Belk to the golf course (west pines, I guess).
7:19pm Several officers involved in trying to apprehend suspect.
7:20pm Officer in Wal-Mart parking lot searching.
7:22pm Officer says there might be a dart stuck in suspect’s back.
7:22pm Dog on ground.
7:24pm Spotted going into woods on golf course.
7:25pm Suspect still on run.
7:27pm Suspect now out of golf course, running near interstate–has “run out of his shoes”.  Dog being sent over to shoes to get scent.
7:28pm Suspect spotted.
7:29pm Suspect now on another street.
7:34pm They got him!
7:35pm Best quote–“I don’t know where ‘right here’ is, [name of officer].”