10:29pm 10-28.
10:31pm Residence alarm.
10:33pm 10-28.
10:36pm 10-27.
10:42pm One by name and DOB.
10:42pm Officer has pulled over a vehicle with no tag.
10:45pm Someone else’s car parked in front of a person’s house, car had supposedly been stolen–kind of confusing.
10:47pm 10-28.
10:48pm One by number.
10:50pm Someone’s been arrested.
10:53pm 10-28.
10:59pm On Pool Mill Road, reports of mailboxes down and chunks of concrete in road.
11:03pm 10-28 (2).
11:05pm Vehicle left in subdivision with keys inside, doesn’t belong to anyone in subdivision.
11:07pm 10-27.
11:12pm Residence alarm.
11:12pm Business alarm at a pizza place.
11:13pm Domestic problem.
11:14pm Someone left their keys in their vehicle at a motel.
11:15pm 10-28.
11:16pm 10-28.
11:17pm One by name and DOB.
11:17pm 10-28.
11:19pm One person arrested.
11:20pm Alarm set off by relative feeding dog.
11:20pm Mysterious car with keys in subdivision is locked.
11:21pm Someone else has been arrested–heard a LOT of shouting in background.
11:25pm 10-28.
11:27pm Vehicle in way of paving crew about to pave road.
11:28pm Teenagers hanging around pool in a subdivision possibly smoking drugs.
11:30pm Person walking near corner of Chapel Hill and 166.
11:34pm Four people possibly broken into poolhouse area.
11:35pm Juvenile lying on ground, possible overdose.