1:55pm  Officers looking for a suspect who has apparently fled the scene of a crime by car.  Riverside Drive was mentioned as a location for setting up a perimeter.  Chestnut Log also mentioned.
1:58pm 10-27.
1:58pm Abandoned vehicle reported.
2:01pm Wrecker needed for a vehicle.
2:05pm Doesn’t look like they’ve found the suspect.  They’re going 10-39, resume normal operations, and are going to patrol the area.

It was an armed robbery, not sure where.  Listened to the archives.  Part of the dispatcher’s call wasn’t heard.  One suspect.

2:23pm Someone was arrested at 2:10pm.
2:25pm Concern for welfare at a street corner.  BOLO for a vehicle that had a baby in the driver’s lap.
2:29pm Interesting…the dispatcher was about to announce another call and suddenly after the street numbers the scanner feed went silent.
2:30pm Residence alarm.
2:35pm Possible 10-44. EMS is responding. (scanner codes at scandouglas.com)
2:36pm 10-28
2:37pm 10-27
2:46pm Someone was arrested.
2:49pm Gang grafitti spotted.  Call put on hold–no available officers.
2:53pm Residence alarm.
2:55pm 10-27 & 10-28 (out of state).
2:58pm Intoxicated person at a motel.
3:05pm Officer not answering status checks from dispatcher.  Another officer will go check on officer.
3:06pm Domestic problem–person has injuries.
3:09pm One by name and DOB.
3:10pm Burglary aleady ocurred at Ingles on Fairburn.
3:13pm Alarm at West Central Tech.
3:18pm Residence alarm.
3:20pm Two children left in a vehicle (not running) in parking lot of Value Village.  Don’t people KNOW better???
3:21pm Officer at West Central Tech.
3:21pm Concern for welfare–juvenile matters.
3:22pm 10-28 on I-20. (out of state)
3:23pm Residence alarm (duress button pushed).
3:25pm Officer responding to 2:49pm gang grafitti call.
3:26pm Domestic problem reported.
3:31pm Officer out with an open door to a residence.
3:31pm Hit & Run at Sam’s Club.
3:33pm Fraud reported.
3:35pm Someone arrested.
3:36pm 911 hangup–kids playing on phone.
3:36pm 10-28 (out of state).
3:41pm Officer pulls over vehicle on I-20 with no 10-28.
3:42pm Someone locked their keys in their car at a gas pump–and the car is running.
3:43pm No available officers for larceny and a residential alarm calls.
3:45pm Several stop signs on Old Beulah Road need to be replaced–they have been sprayed with gang grafitti.
3:46pm Residential alarm.
3:47pm Suspicious person outside apartment complex possibly trying to break into caller’s apartment.
3:51pm BOLO for vehicle of which driver was yelling and making obscene gestures.
3:53pm 10-28.
3:54pm Domestic problem reported.
3:55pm 10-27.
3:56pm 10-28 (out of state).
4:02pm Shoplifter in custody at Sears.
4:06pm Mechanical breakdown on I-20 near Post Road.  Kids in vehicle as well.
4:11pm 10-28.