12:09am Officers are in the process of clearing a house.  One in custody.
12:10am Mention of a victim.
12:11am Mention of someone jumping out of a second story window.
12:12am Resume normal operations announced.
12:12am No one else in house.

I’m going to listen to the archives.  Starting to listen at 11:58pm.  There is mention of a loud party/music.  Also a few minutes later someone called in saying they heard someone screaming for help at a different location.  Officer says a few minutes later there is a possible “scuffle” about to happen.  Also a few minutes later someone else called in reporting they heard possible gunshots.  

10-33 (emergency) called.  Person  screaming was actually a burglary in progress.  Home is near Corn Crib.  Person heard another person in house, jumped out window, and apparently went next door to call 911.  They’re officially calling it a home invasion.  The person in custody is the suspect of the home invasion.  Good job, guys!