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Combat Medic Brian Hall was a soldier in E Troop, 108th Cavalry of Georgia’s Army National Guard 48th Brigade.

On September 13th, 2005, Brian was injured in Iraq by an IED (improvised explosive device) attack. He received a severe head injury which put him into a coma and on a ventilator for about three weeks. He has had five surgeries, has a ventriculostomy (drain) in his brain cavity, and plate replacements for portions of his skull.

Brian suffers from tinnitus (ringing in the ear), hearing impairment, thrombosis (blood clots) of the brain, hypertensive vascular disease (heart condition due to the blast trauma), diplopia (double vision), and many other afflictions as a result of the injury.

He is a proud veteran of the Army National Guard, and a proud patriot. Despite his severe injuries, he wanted a flagpole in the front yard of his home, and it was constructed by his family. Flag Day 2007 was celebrated by Douglas County in Brian’s front yard, and he saluted his Nation’s flag.

Brian’s doctors recommend that he obtain a psychiatric service dog to aid him in his daily life. The dog would provide needed services including seizure detection (Brian suffers seizures even with his medications), stability of walking, stability and calming in panic situations (nightmares, threat assessments, etc.), caring and companionship in solo situations, assistance with time and location (reminder to take medications, guiding patient to a known location), and much more.

The House of Hoytt, a kennel that raised war dogs for the Army during World War II and Vietnam, is willing to provide a psychiatric service dog to Brian for $6,000, which is half of their normal fee. The dog would be Nationally registered and able to go everywhere with Brian.

Brian’s job in the Army National Guard was a medic and he took care of his fellow soldiers. We now need to take care of him.

We need 600 caring hearts to donate $10 each to pay for this needed service to an American hero.

We realize that times are tough, and money is tight. If you can help out with just $10, it will make a difference in an American soldier’s life.

As we celebrate our Nation’s independence, please try to do something tangible in our Nation’s honor by helping this hero. If Brian is up to it, he will participate in the Douglasville 4th of July Parade, riding on a float sponsored by Jerry Hall, a local businessman. He cannot be out in the heat for extended periods

Donations are tax-deductible. Checks may be made payable to Douglas CORE, a not-for-profit organization associated with Douglas County government. 100% of all proceeds will go towards the purchase of T-Rex, a Doberman service dog who is being trained to assist Brian, and who will be ready by late summer.

Donations may be mailed to:
Douglas CORE
Douglas County Courthouse
8700 Hospital Drive
Douglasville, Georgia 30134
or brought to the Douglas County Department of Communications and Community Relations, third floor, Douglas County Courthouse.