I thought we were supposed to start calling it the H1N1 virus because the pork farmers were mad…this is from WSBtv.com.  Their headline calls it swine flu.  Condolences to thewoman’s family and friends.  I would be interested in knowing what those “other health conditions” the woman had.

Health officials in Georgia have confirmed the state’s H1N1 or Swine flu death.

 Officials said the 43-year-old woman is from Cobb County and suffered from other health conditions when she became infected with the H1N1 virus.

 “I am saddened to report the first death of a Georgia citizen associated with the novel H1N1 virus,” said DCH Commissioner and Acting Public Health Director Dr. Rhonda Medows.

 To date, this illness has been seen most commonly in children and young adults with outbreaks in schools, child care centers and residential camps.

 Health officials urge Georgians to protect themselves through hand washing and other prevention measures to reduce transmission of the virus.