Sounds like the story has been written by the county.  The sheriff says he wants to try and get the jail again after being voted down twice by voters (and the reporter made this line sound like the fact that it was voted down twice an outrageous and crazy thing).  He stood in a jail that was only supposed to hold one–now it holds four, he said.

The reporter said the sheriff said they’re hoping the voters approve the jail before the federal judge that made them build the DC Jail in 1983 makes them build this new jail with property tax money.

Sounds like a threat, no?  Approve this or we’ll raise taxes.  I believe we heard this spiel before…just two years ago, in fact, right before citizens voted it down a second time.

Sounds like the county wanted them to do this story–it was probably less than two minutes long.  Only one citizen spoke in the story–the other quotes were from the sheriff.  I’m predicting this SPLOST will be in the news a lot–and it will be only the county’s side of the story unless citizens take a stand and speak out.

6:36pm–They’re about to re-run the story again.  The last half of the teaser was “why they say voters are to blame.”

They said this time that the jail may be the only thing on this SPLOST.  Yeah, right…