From  Video at Note: Fox does not say it was on Linecrest Drive, but WSB does. And apparently WSB is under the impression that someone in the neighborhood called the police–and has a MUCH shorter story than that of Fox 5.

Four Arrested in Meth
Lab Bust

  • Tacoma Newsome
  • Edited by Steve Dixon

DOUGLASVILLE, Ga. – A tip from a Home Depot employee helps police uncover a suspected meth lab in Douglas County.

Four people are under arrest and deputies said one of those suspects actually led them to the home.

Meth can be highly addictive but relatively easy to make. One of the main ingredients — sodium hydroxide — can be found in drain cleaner, which can be found at most local stores. It was that easy access and a conscientious employee that caused one meth lab to be shut down.

Police said it was a call from a Douglasville Home Depot employee that sparked a scene off Malone Road. The employee noticed two people had been in the store for hours buying materials and ingredients to make meth.

Once police arrived they arrested the individuals and the woman arrested said they’d been making the drug out of her home. Once there, police found what they said is an active lab.

“It didn’t look unusual, but you could kind [of] tell that there was strange activity going on over there,” said neighbor Neil Davis.

Neil Davis lives right next door to the suspects. He said they’ve been living there about a year and a half. In addition to the two arrested at the local store, two more were arrested inside the house.

“I thought they were real good guys. Found out they were dealing meth over there,” said Davis.

Although the materials to make meth can usually be bought at any local store, the ingredients and process can be highly explosive.

“It was surprising to find out that your neighbors would speak to you and deal drugs on the side. I didn’t think they do it like that in Douglasville,” Davis said.

Police said at this point they’re not sure how big the lab was — whether it was used to sell the drug or used for self-use only. The names of those arrested have not been released.