Customer Recalls
Dramatic Store Robber

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ga. (MyFOX ATLANTA) – Jimmie Jett’s love is fixing custom cars at the Douglasville shop where he works, but he said he will never forget what happened at a Family Dollar store July 10. Jett ended up in the middle of an armed robbery.

“The cashier was dumping the cash drawer into the cash bag and I knew right then something wasn’t right,” recalled Jett.

Jett said he left his merchandise behind and followed the gunman out of the store. The gunman got into a truck driven by another man. Jett said that’s when he got into his vehicle and followed the men.

“So I came up behind them, got the tag number and was at a stop sign and when they took off they fired like six shots at me,” said Jett.

Jett said he followed the gunmen to Interstate 20, where he turned back for help. Jett said he saw a deputy not far from the store. “I pulled up beside him and I said, ‘you all hunting for a robbery suspect?’ He said, ‘yeah, how’d you know?’ I said, ‘tag number is so and so,'” said Jett.

Minutes later, the man accused of robbing the store Brian Isham and his alleged accomplice Spencer Grady were arrested.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office said they received an erroneous report of a getaway car from the 911 call after the robbery and it wasn’t until they talked to Jett that officers were able to locate the suspects.

“Had he not told us the description of the vehicle, we couldn’t have found that vehicle,” said Major Tom Wheeler of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

Maj. Wheeler said Jett will be recognized for his actions. “He was nominated for the sheriff’s hero award,” said Wheeler.

When asked if he was hero Jett said, “I’m just an every day person doing my good duties for the day.”