And the DCSO news page changed again yesterday.  Now each incident is a sentence; no further details are provided.  Actually, it’s not even sentences, just phrases.  Looks like someone wasn’t happy that the DCSO was actually printing a police blotter on their website.  This looks like it was put together in five minutes compared to the paragraphs they did before.  Now if only the city would have a website with a news page.  Here’s what is on today’s news section on the DCSO news page:

Miscellaneous DCSO calls:

– unattended death of a 46 year old male with previous medical history

– female in a gray Volvo leaving Wesley Creekside complex rolled down her vehicle window and threatened to blow a man’s head off:  male does not know this female: female followed him all the way from Douglasville

– approximate # domestics: 14

– approximate # business alarms: 9

– approximate # residential alarms: 20

– approximate # traffic stops: 84

– approximate # wrecks: 6