10:30pm Wreck on I-20–cars being moved to Race Trac.
10:30pm 10-28.
10:31pm Suspicious vehicle backing into a driveway of a vacant house.
10:32pm Noise complaint in a subdivision.
10:35pm Assault reported near Hunter Park.  Person unconscious and at a nearby hospital.
10:35pm 10-28.
10:38pm 10-44 threat.  But the call doesn’t match up with this 10 code (two people involved), so I’m thinking the dispatcher meant 10-43.
10:38pm Concern for welfare reported.
10:40pm 10-27 (out of state).
10:41pm 10-27 (at least three).
10:42pm 10-28.
10:46pm 10-28.
10:47pm 10-27 (1 local, one out of state).
10:48pm 10-28 (out of state).
10:49pm 10-27.
10:57pm 10-28.
11:00pm 10-16.
11:06pm 10-28.