This is from the DSCO page…maybe there should have been more summer camps this summer…it could have prevented this.

DCSO deputies were called to Dogwood Blossom Mobile Home Park on a report of a juvenile who had reportedly been hung by other juveniles. After investigation, Investigators learned that the children had been re-enacting a WCW TLC wrestling match they had seen on TV. The Championship Belt had been hung in a tree and each of the boys was trying to be the first to reach it. The kids were taking thin wood and pieces of an interior door and hitting each other with these objects similar to what they do on TV. All of the kids on the scene had cuts and bruises on them from fighting each other. As one boy fell from the ladder, he became entangled in a piece of nylon rope that was looped around a large cable that was strung from tree to tree to be used as a zip line. The boy caught the rope around the neck and was hanging from it. He falsely reported that the other boys had hanged him but later recanted and confessed it was an accident.