7:30 P.M.

1.0 Call to Order
1.1 Mayor Mickey Thompson

2.0 Invocation
2.1 Pastor James Wright with Zion Hills Baptist Church Truth Center

3.0 Pledge of Allegiance
3.1 Mayor Pro Tern Roy Mims

4.0 Public Safety Committee / Chairman Dennis McLain

4.1 Appoint an individual to a two-year term, to extend through June 5, 2011, as one of two City of Douglasville representatives on the Douglas County -Douglasville Animal Advisory Board.

4.2 Request for alcohol beverages licenses for retail package sale of wine and malt beverages, and spirituous liquor at the following establishment: Licensee: Nikishan, Inc. DBA: Mike’s Package Store Location: 2164 Highway 92 Agent Outlet Manager: Mukesh Patel The required investigation has been conducted and the required fee has been paid into the City Finance Department.

5.0 Community & Economic Development Committee / Chairman John Schildroth

5.1 Approve the form of a revised Rental Agreement for the Downtown Conference Center, with new provisions requiring lessees to submit a copy of the food service permit for any caterer to be used for rental events.

5.2 Appoint an individual to the vacant Post 1 position on the City of Douglasville Downtown Development Authority to complete a four-year term which extends through March 22,2010.

6.0 Planning & Zoning Committee / Chairman Dennis McLain

6.1 Refer to the Zoning Board a proposed ordinance to amend table 2-1 of Section 2.02 of the Zoning Ordinance, to prohibit Personal Services -Tattoo and Body Piercing Studios, as a principal use in the CBD (Central Business District).

7.0 Parks & Recreation Committee / Chairman Roy Mims

8.0 Finance Committee / Chairman Roy Mims

8.1 Adopt an ordinance setting the 2009 Tax Rate for the City of Douglasville.

9.0 Information Technology Committee / Chairman LaShun B. Danley

10.0 Maintenance & Sanitation Committee/ Chairman Callye B. Holmes

10.1 Designate the week of October 19-22,2009 to be the annual Fall Cleanup in the City of Douglasville, with special trash collections by the City’s Sanitation Department at no additional cost to residents; designate the week of October 1215,2009 to be Recycles Week in the City of Douglasville; and designate October 16-18,2009 to be the City’s Yard Sale Amnesty weekend.

11.0 Transportation Committee / Chairman Charles Banks

11.1 Adopt a resolution establishing a priority order and presenting to the Georgia¬† Department of Transportation a list of street resurfacing projects for consideration for funding assistance under GDOT’s LARP (Local Assistance Road Program).

12.0 Personnel & Organization Committee / Chairman Roy Mims

13.0 Ordinances & Intergovernmental Committee / Chairman Terry Miller

14.0 Education & Training Committee / Chairman John Schildroth

15.0 AnnouncementslPresentations

16.0 Other Business

17.0 City Attorney / Joel Dodson

18.0 Chief Assistant City Attorney / Suzan Littlefield

19.0 City Manager / Bill Osborne

20.0 Comments from Citizens and Delegates