10:33pm Car parked in grass across from a house.
10:34pm 10-28.
10:36pm 10-28.
10:36pm 10-28.
10:37pm Someone’s been arrested.
10:39pm Person standing in street screaming.
10:39pm 10-28.
10:39pm 10-28 (out of state).
10:45pm Someone arrested with drugs.
10:52pm Accident on Chapel Hill Road near Fowler Field with injuries.  Ambulance is en route.
10:59pm One vehicle is on its side.  Wrecker needed to lift it out.
11:02pm Business alarm.
11:03pm 10-28.
11:05pm 10-28.
11:08pm Officer says cars have been cleared off the road.  State patrol has taken over.
11:13pm 10-28.
11:14pm Medical call at a motel.
11:15pm 10-28.