From  This was from August 6.  The fight happened at the end of the last school year, so back in May…and the Sentinel never published a thing about it.

Twelve Teens Face Felony
Gang Charges

A middle school fight ends with a dozen children facing felony gang charges.

Some of their parents are outraged — saying the gang label doesn’t fit and could ruin their childrens’ lives.

Police in Douglas County said fights happen all the time. But they said this was more than a fight — the charge is that it was gang activity that started it all.

It’s the first day back at school in Douglas County but 12 teenage boys are starting high school facing felony gang charges under the street gang act.

“When you have all these kids faced with a felony what about their life?” said a suspect’s mother, Sharon Mitchell.

The 12 boys got in trouble at Chestnut Log Middle School. It all started when surveillance video captured a fight outside the school. Police said that launched an investigation and that lead them to suspect gang activity.

“In this particular case there was about 40 hours of work investigating, interviewing before charges were preferred,” said Chief Deputy Stan Copeland.

Thursday Parents at a local church to say they don’t believe their kids are gang members.

“He plays football. He’s an honor roll student. He’s not involved in no gang,” said Mitchell

“I emptied his book bag — went through his closet under his bed. I found nothing in a gang. If you’re in a gang you’re going to have some color, some something,” said Trudi Holdman.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office said they can’t talk specifics because this a juvenile case. But Chief Deputy Stan Copeland said the facts support the charges.

“When you have two rival gangs who square off against each other let it be known that they’re rival gangs and why they’re doing what there doing you move to the street gang act,” said Copeland.

But parents said the charges go too far for a schoolyard fight.

“At 14 as a felony that means [they’ll] never get Pell grant, never go in the military, never get a federal job, these are 14 year olds,” said Mitchell.

All 12 boys were allowed to start high school Thursday. They had been suspended from middle school just before the end of the school year. They’re due in court on these felony gang charges in the next couple weeks.