Thought this was interesting.  Not going to list names or the salary amount, will list title and percentage increase from 2007 (current year on is the 2008 fiscal year).  I couldn’t include the cents, so the percentages are actually a little higher than the ones listed below.

Superintendent: 5.027%
Associate Superintendent: 2.495%
Secretary to the Associate Superintendent: 2.661%
General Administration Secretary: 2.99%
Chief Financial Officer: 2.733%
Coordinator of Business Services: 36.007% (not sure if this is right, but it was an increase of over $20,000.)
Procurement Manager: 3.001%
Senior Accountant: 8.792%
Director of Professional Learning: 2.976%
Director of Human Resources: 4.659%
Assistant Director of Human Resources: 20.575% (an increase of almost $12,000)
Associate Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction: 2.692%

The total increase of these twelve positions is a 94.608% increase from 2007 to 2008.