2:27pm Domestic dispute at North Douglas ES.
2:29pm Burglary reported on Bright Star Road.  Call is on hold; no available officers.
2:32pm Feed has been silent for several minutes.
2:34pm 10-28.
2:35pm Wreck on interstate near North Blairs Bridge.
2:41pm Assault threats reported.
2:42pm Apparently interstate has been cleared of wreck.
2:42pm Officer has spotted an open front door of a possibly vacant house.
2:43pm Officer now enroute to 2:29pm incident.
2:47pm 10-28.
2:51pm 10-28 on I-20.
2:53pm 10-27.
2:54pm Hit & run at Home Depot.
2:55pm Domestic problem reported.
2:59pm Domestic problem reported.
3:00pm Residence alarm.
3:01pm Vehicle left without paying for an oil change.  Fortunately they know what direction the vehicle is going.
3:04pm BOLO for 3:01pm vehicle.
3:06pm Someone reportedly being threatened.
3:11pm 10-28.
3:10pm Someone locked their keys in their car.
3:15pm Two officers responding to a domestic problem.
3:18pm Suspicious person walking up Lee Road.
3:20pm Elderly male on motorized wheelchair swerving in and out of traffic.
3:21pm Something about a vehicle in traffic.
3:22pm 10-28.