Congrats to those who did not want to see it passed–your vote made a difference yesterday.  The final tally:

64.45% No (1,670)
35.55% Yes (921)

Here you can find a breakdown of the votes by precinct. Only two districts, Holly Springs and Factory Shoals, won the yes vote.  The First Baptist precinct vote was tied with 21 votes each.  It’s hard to believe that only 2,591 people voted, but I think you have to take into account factors that might have prevented people from voting.  I think the number one reason was that there was only one referendum to vote for–I think people probably thought it was a waste of gas and time.  The second reason was the rain–it rained most of the day, though when I went to vote, it had temporarily stopped.  I was the only person there voting at the time, and I think there were only five or six machines at my precinct.  Though the parking lot designated for voters was full, so I had to park in another (almost full) lot.

Here’s hoping this also creates a snag in Foxhall’s plans–I for one would rather not see that beautiful land developed.  I haven’t been down there lately, so I don’t know if they’ve already started working on it or not.  Looks like they already have a website, though.