4:31pm There must have been a bad wreck somewhere–LifeFlight is enroute to location.
4:33pm LifeFlight is picking up a young child.  Not sure what happened.  Feed archives are apparently only for premium subscribers, so I can’t listen to the archives to find out.
4:34pm Officer out with an open door to a residence.
4:35pm Officer says they are very busy.
4:35pm Officer is blocking Hwy 166 traffic at Capps Ferry Road.
4:37pm Helicopter will be landing in a field.
4:38pm Reckless driver on I-20 EB @ Fairburn Road–almost hit vehicle.
4:39pm Burglary at a residence.
4:42pm 911 hangup.
4:45pm LifeFlight has been canceled/diverted (two people said each word, so I don’t know which it is) because of the weather.
4:51pm Someone’s locked their keys in their vehicle.