There have been too many of these lately.  This is the second one in a week.

From the DCSO page:

Richard Nelms was traveling towards Chapel Hill Rd on Hwy 166 from Hwy 5.  Tracy Newsome was traveling towards Hwy 5 from Chapel Hill Rd area.  Nelms attempted to make a left hand turn onto Phillips Mill Rd and collided with Newsome who was traveling past that intersection.  It was a near head on collision with Newsome taking a frontal and driver side impact from Nelms’ vehicle.  Nelms had two passengers on board:  ex-wife Kandace Nelms, and 5 year old daughter.  The 5 year old was in a Child Booster seat and suffered only a bruise over left eye.  Kandace suffered broken wrist.  Nelms was uninjured. Mr. Newsome was fatally injured.