Douglas County Sheriff’s Department officials told CBS Atlanta Monday afternoon that it appears they have found the body of a missing Cherokee County woman.

A body was found below the Dog River Dam, according to Douglas County chief Stan Copeland. An autopsy will have to be performed on the body to confirm that it is Debra Ann Hooper.

Hooper’s Jeep Liberty was found submerged in the Dog River Friday, where Mobley Creek and Dog River meet. It’s believed Hooper was swept away by last week’s massive flooding that ravaged metro Atlanta.

Officials said Hooper’s family and Carroll County officials were notified of the body’s discovery.

“It’s sad. It’s always sad when you lose someone you knew,” said neighbor Penny Kwirant.

Rescuers had been searching an area south of the Dog River bridge on Highway 5.

A spokesman for the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office said the area where Hooper disappeared is clogged with debris 40 feet deep and 35 feet wide in some places.

“It does make me sad, because we didn’t have a chance to get to know each other better,” Kwirant said. “The part that makes me have peace is that I truly believe she is with Jesus, our Savior in heaven.”