1:38pm Person continually running a car engine in a neighborhood.
1:40pm Accident reported.
1:40pm Domestic problem.
1:46pm Suspicious people walking around someone’s yard.
1:59pm People going around (and running over) barricades at Rose Ave. & Selman Dr.
1:59pm BOLO for reckless driver @ I-20 near Fairburn Road.
2:03pm Domestic dispute.
2:05pm Someone locked their keys in their vehicle.
2:10pm An officer’s car just went dead.
2:29pm Possible weapon on school property.
2:32pm Two residence alarms at Tributary.
2:35pm Possible assault reported.
2:43pm Business alarm at Arbor Connection.
2:44pm Trash dumping reported.
2:47pm Three vehicle accident on I-20 on Fairburn Road exit ramp.
2:52pm No injuries.
3:02pm 911 hangup.
3:03pm Driver’s license stolen.
3:05pm Trash dumping reported.
3:06pm Vehicle spotted in a ravine.  Possibly a recent accident.
3:07pm Someone locked their keys in their vehicle at Lowe’s.
3:10pm Traffic backed up at Brookmont Parkway.
3:14pm Residence alarm.
3:15pm Person cussing at Kenny’s Home Cooking.
3:18pm 911 open line at a business.
3:22pm No weapon found on school property.
3:30pm Vehicle with baby not in carseat.
3:33pm Reckless driver almost hit person and ran person off road.