In response to the comment I just approved–if your road isn’t listed, you might want to call the Douglas County DOT.  Their # is 770.920.4924 or you can email them at .

This is on the Douglas County EMA page, kind of buried at the bottom, so I thought I’d post it here:

Road Updates
Traffic is bad due to the closed roads throughout the County. Please know that the Douglas County Department of Transportation is working 24/7 to re-open as many roads as possible as soon as possible. At the height of the disaster, about 170 roads were closed. That list is now down to 60.

Stewarts Mill Road at Reynolds Road reopened with restricted speeds.

Here is an abbreviated list, status and schedule of some of the more traveled roadways that are closed at the present time, plus the ones that we know at this time will be closed for an extended period of time (noted as prolonged closures which means more than 2 months). These are estimated repair times, and we hope that repairs can be accomplished earlier. The Douglas County DOT staff is working on roadways and construction contractors are being brought in to work on roads, bridges and culverts. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

  • Anneewakee Road at Anneewakee Creek Bridge: 3 – 6 weeks repair time, approaches undermined
  • Banks Mill Road at Dog River: 1 -3 weeks repair time
  • Berea Road at Mobley Creek: 1 – 3 weeks repair time
  • Blairs Bridge Road at Sweetwater Creek: 1 – 3 weeks repair time, major scour under approach slabs
  • Bomar Road (Creekside Manor): 1 – 3 weeks repair time, pavement undermined 3 – 4 feet
  • Capps Ferry Road at Chattahoochee River: bridge status unknown, inspections scheduled
  • Chapel Hill Road at Fowler Field: City of Douglasville has informed us of a 2 – 3 week repair time, but hopes to have it open earlier
  • Dorsett Shoals Road at Culvert: 1 -3 weeks
  • Downs Road between Post Road and Georgia Highway 5: prolonged closure, roadway completely washed out
  • East Union Hill Road: prolonged closure, roadway completely washed out
  • Georgia Highway 166 at Anneewakee Creek: prolonged closure, Georgia DOT in charge
  • John West Road near Bright Star Elementary School: 3 – 6 weeks
  • Kings Highway at Bear Creek: 1 – 3 weeks, 150 feet of roadway washed out
  • Mason Creek Road at Mobley Creek: prolonged closure, bridge washed out
  • Nalley Road: prolonged closure, culvert washed out
  • Pool Road near Georgia Highway 5: 1 – 3 weeks, road undermined
  • Post Road south of Ephesus Church Road: prolonged closure, culvert washed out, roadway washed out
  • Post Road at Dog River: prolonged closure, bridge damage
  • South Baggett Road between Campground Road and US 78: prolonged closure, culvert washed out
  • South Helton Road at Liberty Road: prolonged closure, roadway washed out