I don’t usually post discussions from the Douglasville Topix message board…but I thought the first post of a thread about the SPLOST should be posted.  This is written by James Bell.

Douglas Taxpayers Group to Fight $150 Million Tax proposal… again!

Lithia Springs, Ga.: The Douglas County Taxpayers Coalition (DCTC) has begun a public awareness campaign to make voters aware of the upcoming November 3 Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax referendum.

Douglas County Commissioners voted 4-1 to place the referendum on the ballot for the third time in four years. The referendum is for a six year, one percent sales tax to equal $150 million and a general obligation bond (loan) for $120 million.

According to James Bell, director of DCTC, over the next four weeks the group will be distributing thousands of flyers notifying votes of the referendum and hosting “sign waving” events at busy intersection to bring attention to the vote.

“We feel there is enough opposition to this tax to defeat it once again”, Bell said.“But we need to be sure voters go to the polls and send a message that now is not the time to be raising taxes.”

According to Bell, the commissioners have failed to look at other options to control the jail population such as the removal of state inmates from the county jail, stream lining the court system to move offenders through more quickly and house arrest for non violent offenders.

During a public meeting this summer Bell explained to the commissioners that many non-violent inmates are serving more time waiting for a hearing than the judge would have given for the offence if they were able to make bond. The end result is 62 percent of inmates are awaiting trials.

Bell points out that increasing sales tax in the worst economy in our life time will further hurt retail businesses in the county and put an additional burden on the citizens who are already struggling to make ends meet.

Sign Waving: Friday Oct. 9th 4-6pm Chapel Hill Rd & Douglas Blvd.
Volunteers needed!

Jail Facts for Sept ‘09:
Douglas County inmate Population = 732
Capacity = 811 (not 485 as reported by Sheriff)
State inmates = 134 or 18% of population
Awaiting Trial = 451 or 62%
Serving County Time = 134 or 18%
Other = 2%