10:22pm Something going on…not sure what.  A vehicle is involved.  Sounds like they’re searching for someone.
10:24pm Can barely hear dispatcher, there is a loud noise almost covering her voice.
10:24pm Suspect is running west from something, couldn’t make out what the officer said.
10:26pm Suspect is running west from a business on Industrial Access Road.
10:28pm Officer saw suspect running on or near McIntosh.
10:28pm Huey Road is closed. There is a bridge washed out.
10:29pm Suspect possibly near houses.
10:31pm Suspect is on the other side of a fence from officers.
10:33pm Either a burglary or a domestic dispute reported (not related to above).
10:36pm Canines searching for suspect near Huey Road.
10:36pm Dogs barking like crazy at a house on Industrial Access.
10:40pm Welfare check at a hotel.  Possible domestic problem.
10:42pm Haven’t heard anything about search since 10:37pm.
10:42pm Officers think they know where suspect is.
10:44pm Officers checking a collapsed house for suspect.
10:44pm Drugs allegedly involved.  Reported smelling it in house.
10:47pm Officers believe they know where he is–suspect jumped over a 12 foot fence.
10:50pm Officers believe suspect is near a house on Huey Road.  Sending more officers to surround area.
10:51pm Possibly a person in a tree.  Related to the above but not suspect they are searching for.
10:54pm Officers trying to surround suspect.
10:58pm Suspect’s shirt found.
11:01pm Canines still searching for suspect.
11:02pm Searching near Huey & Maroney Mill.
11:11pm Sounds like they may have lost track of suspect.
11:21pm Fox5 spotted.  Apparently they drove past officers.
11:36pm They’ve called a 10-39 (resume normal operations) but I never did hear if they apprehended the suspect.