A HUGE thanks to Richard Segal for emailing these to me.  It’s too long to put in a blog post, so I’ve created a page–you can find it in the bar above where it says “Douglas County News”.

Some analysis:

Ten out of 25 precincts voted in favor of the SPLOST.  Just ten.  The list: Ephesus, Bill Arp, Winston (with a 12 vote difference), Boundary Waters (a ten vote difference), First Baptist, St. Julian’s, Chestnut Log, Dorsett Shoals, Bright Star, and Arbor Station.  But those ten made up the yes votes, certainly.  In the heart of the city, at the Old Courthouse, 106 more people voted for the SPLOST than against it.  And at First Baptist, also in the city, I think, 61 more voted for it than against it.  At Bill Arp, 58 more voted for it.

I’ve also asked Mr. Segal for the TAD results by precinct–I am curious to see where those 230 missing votes for the TAD came from.