The article (and a LOT of comments, both for and against the firing) can be found here:

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ga. — A Douglasville teacher has been shut out of the classroom following an off-campus scuffle with her on-again off-again boyfriend.

Megan Whelpley said she picked up a knife and struck her boyfriend during a domestic dispute, and as a result, police charged her with aggravated assault. Whelpley said she tried to push her boyfriend away, but he got cut in the process.

“He had a knife to my face. I could hear and feel it cutting my hair and I thought, oh, this is it. I was scared … I was 100 percent scared,” said Whelpley.

The district attorney’s office later dropped the charges against Whelpley, saying there wasn’t enough evidence to pursue criminal charges.

But the Douglas County School District had already decided to terminate Whelpley’s employment with Alexander High School, where she served as a literature teacher and drama coach.

Whelpley acknowledges a long-standing domestic dispute with her boyfriend, and says she did everything to avoid any real life drama.

“I got away from him and ran upstairs. I shut the door and locked it, but he came in through a small utility door,” said Whelpley.

Whelpley showed Channel 2 Action News reporter Linda Stouffer documents she said prove her boyfriend has been violent to her in the past.

Angry parents and students contacted Stouffer, saying they want Whelpley back in the classroom and that her firing was unjust.

Stouffer contacted the Douglas County School System, but the district refused to comment on the matter now, saying Whelpley may appeal the district’s decision.