I’m not sure how long it’s been there, but surely it wasn’t there last week or there would be a post in the Topix message board about it.  I have informed the DCSO and hopefully it will be removed soon.  I can’t read the first word, I can tell the last one is “Mafia” but can only tell that the first word says BAN, then possibly an apostrophe–it’s hard to tell.  Can anyone tell what the first word is?

Edit, Monday, November 30: I received an email (actually two) from Sheriff Miller saying that he sent an inmate work crew to clean the sign AND has offered a $500 reward in hopes of finding the suspects who committed this crime.  He also thanked me for my interest.  In the later email, it says that the tagging is something they’ve not seen before (I guess that type, because I know there has been actual gang tagging in the county before, I’ve seen it) AND the color is not “consistent with any gangs we know of.”