Found this on the Carrollton county website.  Nixle is a website where police departments can post police blotter news, events, traffic and storm advisories, etc.  This would be a great asset for the DCSO.  You can receive notifications by email or you can put in your cellphone number and it will be sent by text message.  The best part is–it’s free.  It wouldn’t even cost the DCSO or the county a cent to register.  I’m hoping they read this and perhaps consider using this website–I think it would be a great idea.  Imagine if a prisoner had escaped or if the police were looking for a suspect in an armed robbery.  They could post a message with a picture of the suspect and it would immediately go out to people who had registered with the website–and perhaps help the police in locating the prisoner or suspect.  The Carroll County Police, the city of Tyrone, and the Hiram Police have registered.