1:34pm Someone broke into an auto at Gold’s Gym and into another at the mall.  Don’t know if the two are related.  The mall location looks to be near Toy’s R Us.
1:36pm A specific type of vehicle is being targeted at the Gold’s Gym location.  BOLO issued for suspect vehicle.
1:40pm Another vehicle in The Landing shopping center has been spotted by a deputy as being broken into.
1:43pm Alarm at an elementary school.
1:48pm Accident at Kohl’s.
1:50pm Another call has been put on hold–no available officers.
1:51pm Two suspicious people walking down a road.
1:52pm Business alarm at a doctor’s office.
1:54pm Residence alarm.
2:01pm Residence alarm.
2:05pm Residence alarm.
2:06pm Dog set off one of the above residence alarms.
2:09pm Deputy is responding to accident at Sunset and Hwy 92.
2:11pm Suspicious people in vehicle in a subdivision.
2:15pm Possible gunshots.
2:30pm Suspicious activity in The Landing shopping center.  Suspect might have been spotted.
2:34pm Residence alarm.
2:35pm Suspect is in a vehicle behind shopping center, and there are no cameras behind shopping center.
2:40pm Reckless driver–two flatbed tractor trailers on Hwy 5 carrying heavy equipment passing people at 70mph.
2:40pm Someone locked their keys in their vehicle at the mall.
2:46pm Hit & run at Irish Bred Pub.
2:47pm Burglary already occurred at an apartment complex.
3:02pm Officers still searching for suspect in entering auto incidents.