WSB stated on their 11pm news that the paramedic who was ejected from the ambulance is in stable condition.  They also stated the county is not charging the woman who was driving the car.  They said she had a dislocated shoulder and a broken leg.  WSB also has an article and pictures of the crash.  This is from (who only has one picture, and you can’t really tell what it is):

Paramedic Injured In Ambulance Crash

By Jennifer Leslie

The Georgia State Patrol is investigating an accident involving an ambulance.

Two paramedics with the Douglas County Fire Department were injured late Saturday when authorities say a car turned into their emergency vehicle.

Witnesses said the sirens were blaring and the lights were flashing on the ambulance, and yet the driver in front didn’t move.

As the ambulance tried to pass on Anneewakee Road, the car apparently turned into the emergency vehicle, causing it to flip over.

“From the witness accounts we got, it rolled about three times,” said Douglas County Fire Chief Scott Spencer.

Chief Spencer responded to the scene after learning one of his paramedics was thrown from the ambulance.

He said the crash should send a message to other drivers.

“Please, please, please pull over, slow down, pull over to the right side, get out of the way,” he said.

That’s not just good advice, it’s the law.

When an emergency vehicle approaches with lights and sirens on, drivers are required yield the right of way by pulling over to the right.

They’re also required to stop if it’s safe and practical to do so.

The paramedic who was thrown from the ambulance was airlifted to Grady Memorial Hospital but is expected to be okay.

The driver of the car suffered serious injuries. She was transported to Wellstar Douglas Hospital.

The driver of the ambulance was also taken to Douglas Hospital with minor injuries.