8:51pm Officer waiting on a wrecker to retrieve a vehicle.
8:56pm Wreck, no injuries, still in road.
8:57pm Officer says his vehicle has slipped down a steep hill where another car had slipped and he is stuck too.
8:59pm A road is closed–they didn’t say which road.  Officer said it was “really bad.”  They said the road department is working on it.
9:02pm Wreck occurred.  Paulding Police will handle it until the GA State Patrol arrives since it’s almost in Paulding County.
9:03pm Business alarm.
9:03pm Wreck involving two vehicles.
9:04pm Ice on Hunters Ridge.  Sand guy has run of sand, is going back for another load.
9:05pm Possible wreck, or either they are stuck, on Presley Mill near Slater Mill.  Two cars on side of the road.
9:14pm Truck in a ditch.
9:14pm Wreck on Anneewakee Road.
9:16pm SUV overturned.
9:18pm Salt needed on road.
9:19pm Car in a deep ditch on Chapel Hill near Rosemont.
9:20pm Vehicle in ditch.
9:21pm Wreck involving three vehicles.
9:22pm Douglas Blvd @ Bright Star is iced over, multiple cars trying to drive up the hill.
9:24pm Residential alarm.
9:27pm Overturned vehicle, Dallas Hwy @ Cave Springs.
9:28pm Vehicles off a roadway and officer has now been unstuck.
9:32pm Vehicle in a creek, hit a tree stump.
9:33pm Vehicle in a ditch on Reynolds Road, unoccupied.
9:33pm Multiple cars on Reynolds Road trying to get up a hill.
9:35pm Wreck on South Flat Rock Road.  Two vehicles in woods.
9:36pm Stewart Mill possibly iced over.
9:37pm All roads in Anneewakee Trails and Anneewakee Falls extremely iced over, officers may have to park outside subdivision and walk in.
9:37pm All of Stewart Mill and the west side of the county is iced over.
9:39pm Wreck at Campbellton and Hospital Drive.  One car involved.
9:41pm Burglary reported.
9:41pm Another patrol car stuck.
9:42pm Richardson @ Conners closed.
9:44pm Overturned car, officers aren’t sure where it is.
9:44pm 92 @ Avalon–five vehicles attempting to make their way up the hill and apparently are not succeeding.
9:45pm Kids on 4 wheelers.
9:46pm Apparently wrecking services are VERY busy tonight.
9:51pm Wreck call holding, no available officers.
9:51pm WSB has confirmed Douglas County Schools are closed tomorrow.  The school system hasn’t emailed yet.
9:53pm Someone camping out behind a bar.
10:02pm Wreck on Skyview Drive.
10:03pm One car off the road.
10:05pm Wreck, road hazard, residential alarm all on hold, no available officers.
10:07pm Two more wrecks reported.
10:08pm Wreck with injuries.
10:08pm Overturned vehicle.
10:08pm Officer says he is unable to get up a hill on Chapel Hill Road where Fowler Field is.  Traffic apparently stopped.
10:11pm Wreck.
10: 14pm Car in ditch, Mason Creek @ Post Rd.
10:19pm No vehicle found at Post & Mason Creek.
10:20pm Vehicle ran off road on Hwy 5 but everyone is ok.
10:22pm Residential alarm.
10:22pm Officers going to get snow tires.
10:23pm Officer stuck.
10:23pm Car slid off road, another vehicle hit car.
10:24pm One car accident at the entrance to Wal-Mart.
10:25pm Truck reportedly trying to drive up hill and looks like it will not be successful.
10:26pm Two vehicle wreck at Old Mountaintop and Mann Road.
10:27pm Officer parking a vehicle and getting out to walk because road is too icy to drive on.
10:27pm Reynolds Road and Stewart Mill Road is “like a parking lot” according to an officer.  It’s “hard to get through.”
10:29pm Officer says there is no one at the shop where they are supposed to get their snow tires.
10:31pm Two vehicles in woods, DOT needed to fix a hill.  I believe this is on Hwy 5 near Sweetwater Bluff, they were talking about it a minute ago.
10:32pm Two car wreck occurred.
10:33pm Car in ditch near river.
10:36pm “Solid ice” on Chapel Hill Road near Brookmont.  Traffic backed up both ways, vehicles sliding on road.
10:37pm “Solid ice” on the hill on Mann Road.  “Cars everywhere.”
10:37pm Road crew is not out putting out road closed signs, will be called now.
10:38pm Vehicle has hit a house.  People arguing.
10:42pm Business alarm, same business as before.
10:43pm Homeowner now saying he’s going to get a 10-32.
10:48pm Going down the hill is okay, going up…not so much.
10:50pm tail end of two vehicles reportedly “up in the air” according to an officer.
10:51pm One hill is “straight ice” according to an officer.  No road mentioned.
10:51pm Officer hit a mailbox.
11:10pm Hit & run @ Reynolds & Central Church.
11:11pm Someone must have asked about how much sand or salt they had, dispatcher responded 9 or 10 truckloads.
11:12pm Westerly Way is “solid ice.”
11:14pm Sand truck reportedly not putting down sand.
11:16pm Four vehicles in a ditch.
11:17pm Kids riding 4 wheelers in road.
11:18pm Two patrol vehicles reportedly stuck.
11:18pm Person stuck in the middle of a road.
11:19pm GA State Patrol phone busy.
11:25pm Blairs Bridge & Tree Lodge, car off road (I’m guessing, another officer talked over the dispatcher).  Also Riverside Dr. @ Red Cross bldg.
11:26pm A “sheet of ice” @ Central Church @ Reynolds Rd.  Salt needed.
11:27pm Officer w/o snow tires having to park and walk down a road to respond to a keys locked in vehicle call.
11:29pm Vehicle in ditch on Industrial Access.
11:29pm Wreck on Blairs Bridge.
11:30pm Somebody hit a parked car.
11:32pm Wreck on Mt. Vernon.
11:32pm No barricades available because they are all out on closed roads that are closed from the flood.
11:34pm Someone enroute to shop where they will put on snow tires for the patrol cars.
11:35pm A request for sand at Central Church & Reynolds.
11:35pm No traffic cones available either, apparently.
11:35pm Someone stuck managed to get unstuck and got home safe.
11:38pm Someone at shop now waiting for patrol car to put on snow tires.
11:39pm Officer responding to a stranded motorist that GA state patrol has not responded to.
11:39pm Forest Avenue & Poplar also has ice.
11:42pm Vehicles blocking a road.
11:44pm Wreck on South Flat Rock.
11:45pm Wreck on Skyview Drive.
11:45pm Two vehicles in a ditch.
11:46pm Three vehicles off the road, I guess.
11:47pm Business alarm at a restaurant.  They are having a problem with the alarm.
11:54pm Rose Avenue has ice.
11:55pm Wreck on Hunter’s Ridge involving a vehicle that was in the last wreck and a city truck.
11:59pm Mechanical breakdown.
11:59pm Vehicle racing up and down a street.
11:59pm I counted how many wrecks there have been (or at least that I heard) since 9pm…22.
12:02am Person stuck at Golden Buddha restaurant.
12:03am Business alarm from the same restaurant as earlier.
12:05am Sand trucks loaded up and headed toward Central Church/Reynolds Road.
12:06am Another wreck.
12:08am EIGHT vehicles on North Helton in a ditch.
12:09am John West Road possibly has ice.
12:09am Business alarm.
12:11am Several vehicles trying without success to make it up a hill.
12:12am Trucks doing donuts in a parking lot.
12:13am I may call it a night in a little bit…if someone wants to continue this, email it to me later.  You can listen at http://www.radioreference.com/apps/audio/?ctid=430
12:15am Domestic problem reported.
12:18am Overturned abandoned vehicle on Ephesus Church.
12:19am Car in right lane stopped on I-20 EB near Lee Road.
12:21am Goodnight, all.