6:35am Possible intoxicated driver on Hwy 92.
6:37am Tractor trailer mechanical breakdown in middle of I-20 EB at Post.  Unable to move.
6:38am Brakes of tractor trailer “hanging on the ground”–tow truck needed.
6:39am Possible intoxicated driver stopped.
6:42am Somone off road Hwy 78 at Post.  Three vehicles, actually.
6:42am Wreck at Hwy 78 and Busbin.
6:44am One of vehicles at Hwy 78 is in the creek.
6:49am Two overturned vehicles, one with one person trapped inside.
6:50am Several cars off road on Anneewakee.
6:50am More vehicles stuck on a road.
6:51am Tractor trailer out of road.
6:51am Wreck on Mosley St.
6:52am Three cars on N. Burnt Hickory stuck trying to drive up hill.
6:53am Intoxicated driver was not.
6:54am 911 hangup.
6:55am Ice on Cave Springs Road.
6:56am Officer telling another officer to tell cars to go back home.
6:56am Ice in a roadway.
6:57am Vehicle slid into a ditch.
6:57am Hill going to Maroney Mill on N. Burnt Hickory has ice.
6:59am Several vehicles stuck in road on South Flat Rock Road.