8:21pm Missing minor reported.
8:21pm 10-28.
8:24pm BOLO related to a crime.
8:25pm 10-28.
8:27pm 10-28.
8:30pm Entering auto at K-Mart.
8:31pm 911 hangup.
8:31pm 10-28.
8:35pm 10-28.
8:35pm 10-28.
8:37pm Truck in the road.
8:40pm 10-28.
8:41pm Hit & run suspect from a hit & run earlier today has returned.
8:42pm 10-28.
8:43pm 10-28.
8:45pm 10-28.
8:47pm 10-28.
8:47pm 10-28.
8:48pm Alleged overdose reported.
8:49pm 911 hangup.
8:50pm Threats and assault reported.
8:51pm Vehicle keeps riding around a subdivision.
8:52pm 10-28.
8:53pm Residence alarm.
8:55pm Alarm at a high school.
8:55pm Was apparently accidental.
8:55pm 10-28.
8:57pm Domestic problem reported.
8:58pm Alarm at the same high school going off again.