Was looking at the Georgia Navigator site, specifically the closures page.  CelebrateDouglasCounty.com lists the bridge as opening in March, per the DOT’s estimate, but the Georgia Navigator page (run by the GA DOT) says it will be closed until June first.  Looks like CelebrateDouglasCounty.com needs to update this.  It may just be outdated information; they haven’t updated their road closures page since January 22.  They have, to their credit, put up estimates on the remaining roads as to how long it will take each to be repaired.  Not on this list, however, is Pool Road.  There is still a patch of road covered in gravel on one lane that has not been resurfaced as of yet–it’s just dirt and gravel.  I go over it several times a week and it does not look like it’s leveled out on a regular basis, so there are a few holes.  Be careful when driving over it and slow down to 25mph.

Update: celebratedouglascounty.com updated the closings list yesterday to show the correct opening date of June.  However, Pool Road is still missing from the list.