There is no article, only video from WSB, but I will summarize.

A search for three men is ongoing.  They burst into a house on Auger Trail (off Anneewakee Road).  Detectives escorted the victim to police station and was questioned.  The men tied up the victim and had shotguns.  Deputies took pictures of driveway and inspected the garage.

February 5 Update: article in today’s Sentinel.  Not any new information, other than the suspects took electronics.  However, in the comments someone writes that there was another home invasion last night as well.  This was on the DSCO news blotter:

Two home invasions occurred last evening in the Douglasville Regency Mobile Home Park at adjoining lots. Between two and eight Hispanic males entered the mobile homes wearing black t-shirts that had POLICE printed on them.  All were armed. The males ordered everyone on the ground and bound the victims with duct tape.  The males then took money, cell phones, and jewelry and left in two vehicles – a black Audi and a maroon Ford Expedition. One of the victims was able to conceal a cell phone and alert 911. The subjects had already left the park before police arrived.

The investigation is continuing. If you have any information, please contact the Douglas County Sheriffs office or call the TipLine at 678-486-1253.