12:23am Something at Hwy 166 and Post, didn’t hear what.  Sounded like “fire”, I can’t be sure.
12:24am Business alarm.
12:25am Officer needs other officers to help with “stuck people.”
12:28am Possible intoxicated person drove into a ditch.
12:29am Domestic problem reported.
12:32am Person stuck, traffic blocked.
12:35am Residence alarm.
12:36am Vehicle in ditch.
12:37am Road hazard call currently on hold–no available officers.
12:41am Open 911 line at a residence.
12:45am Car in ditch.
12:47am Minor missing.
12:48am Vehicle is stuck, traffic blocked.
12:51am Domestic problem reported.
12:53am 10-50 call on hold–no available officers.
12:54am Threats at a business.
12:57am Vehicle abandoned on the side of a road.
12:58am Someone locked their keys in their vehicle at a restaurant.
1:08pm 10-50.