Got this from the school’s Notify Me service shortly after 4pm today:

Douglas County School System staff will be closely monitoring weather and road conditions overnight to determine the status of schools’ reopening on Wednesday, March 3. In addition to well traveled main thoroughfares, extensive checks will be made of multiple county roads that may not be accessible to school buses and other vehicles as of early morning hours. Our staff consults with law enforcement, weather information and other officials to gain further perspective on road conditions.

Parents are urged to begin making contingency childcare plans now in the event that schools are closed on Wednesday. Predictions vary on the expected overnight temperatures that could affect road conditions. Areas that are wet and/or slushy during the day on Tuesday may become treacherous overnight. Student and staff travel safety will be a major factor if a decision is made to close schools. Many people in Douglas County live in areas where steep terrain makes travel difficult to impossible in icy conditions.

It is likely that if closing on Wednesday is necessary, the decision will not be made until early morning hours.