Thanks to FYI for typing this up.  I don’t read the AJC anymore…I guess I need to read the Metro section from now on.  FYI says the Sentinel has said nothing about this:

“Douglas approves $132 million parks blueprint

The Douglas county Commission has approved a 10-year, $132 million parks development plan which would add three new parks to the county’s current 14.

Funding possibilities include another special purpose local option sales tax which would need voter approval, according to the plan prepared by Lose and Associates. Other sources would be the general fund, entry fees, program registrations, grants and bonds.

If fully realized the development plan, approved Tuesday, would include land purchases for new parks, upgrading the Chestnut Log Soccer Complex, the county’s only soccer facility, new Chattahoochee River Trail, and improving existing parks.”

I hope one of the existing parks is Clinton Nature Preserve.  The trails need to be maintained (they are suffering from erosion), both bridges need to be completely replaced (one has supposedly been fixed, from the looks of it, but the boards are warped and it just doesn’t look very supportive…you can see a picture of it here and here–both old pictures, but the bridge hasn’t changed that much).  Also, I think many people would agree with me in saying that a trail map needs to be made.  But do we need a SPLOST for this??  What do you think?