2:01pm Multiple police around K-Mart and Arbor Station.
2:04pm 10-28.
2:14pm 10-28 of several vehicles.
2:23pm Officer out with an open door.
2:27pm Suspicious vehicle in a subdivision on Chapel Hill Road.
2:31pm Officer requested to check on another officer; officer responded that he is ok.
2:35pm Person at a fast food restaurant reporting car broken into yesterday.
2:39pm Three black males took a person’s keys at a gas station.  Their location is not known.
2:41pm Domestic dispute over pets reported.
2:46pm VR police needing assistance with family members of someone being arrested.
2:48pm Person has reclaimed keys.
2:50pm Burglary reported.
2:50pm 10-28.
2:51pm Cobb County requesting a police car to pick up a prisoner for transport to the DC Jail.
2:59pm Animal control being notified.
3:02pm 10-28.
3:04pm 10-28 on I-20 out of state.