Cato Recent Comps Trend Falters with 1% Decline in August

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(Douglasville has a Cato shop again…I think we had one many years ago.)
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Misfits in the suburbs

The Christian CenturyAug 7, 2015


Holiday Inn Express, 850 Crestmark Drive, Lithia Springs
The intersection of Thornton Road and Maxham Road is one of the most heavily traveled in Douglas County, and has more the double the number of accidents than the State average. Due to these conditions, the Georgia Department of Transportation and Douglas County Department of Transportation have been working on an intersection improvement project to help with congestion and traffic flow.The project includes widening existing lanes to accommodate a planned median installation and turn lanes between the directional lanes of Maxham Road. There will also be a change of lane assignments and the elimination of weaving to help reduce traffic congestion. The project also includes sidewalks on both sides of Maxham Road to serve two major apartment complexes to provide direct pedestrian access to the retail commercial area. The entrance to the Kroger Shopping Center off Maxham Road will be reconstructed for right- and left-turn in, but only right-turn out on Maxham Road. Traffic islands will be constructed at the Maxham Road/Thornton Road intersection.

The project is estimated to cost $1,320,000 of which $1,056,000 will be funded under the Freight Operations and Safety Program of the U. S. Department of Transportation. Local funds of $264,000 have been budgeted by the Douglas County Board of Commissioners.

An Informational Meeting will be held on the proposed project on Tuesday, August 18th, from 6 – 8 p.m. at the Holiday Inn Express, 850 Crestmark Drive, Lithia Springs, during which maps and other information will be available for the Public to view and on which comments are welcome. There will be no formal presentation of information during the meeting, but written comments will be accepted, and a Court reporter will be present to record oral comments from the Public. Admission is free.

Construction of the proposed project is projected to begin later this year. All comments received during the Informational Meeting will be considered before the project design is finalized.